Wearing Uniforms Can Help Decrease Stress and Improve Satisfaction among Healthcare Workers

It goes without saying that some of the most overworked professionals in the world are in healthcare. Protecting their physical and mental health is paramount as the medical system can crash without their presence and support. The question is, what are the best ways a healthcare facility can help them? For those in this field, you can browse around these guys to get more ideas on what medical uniforms and labwear is ideal for your size.

Healthcare Stress and Burnout 

The answer is a big yes. Wearing uniforms such as scrubs may help decrease the level of stress of healthcare workers, but before you get deeper into that, let’s backtrack a bit. How tired are your staff?

Despite the global perception that the Aussies are laid-back people, many Australians suffer from significant stress. According to Compare the Market, about 72% of them complained about physical stress while over 60% said it affected their mental health.

Heads Up data, meanwhile, revealed that around 21% had already taken time off work to deal with depression and anxiety due to stress.

Workplace stress in Australia’s healthcare is also not uncommon or unsurprising. Over 15% of radiographers, for example, became absent to deal with a stress-related illness. Among this group, more than half skipped work for 1 to 3 days.

This burnout can be due to many reasons:

  1. Nature of Work

They say that healthcare workers spend a lot of time with all sorts of patients with various diseases that they should already be used to events, such as death. In reality, they are as humans as their patients. They may still experience attachment, frustration, and guilt every time someone turns for the worse.

Australia’s healthcare facilities can also deal with urgent, emergency, or critical cases that demand the workers to think on their feet as quickly as possible.

  1. Healthcare Shortage

As the population of Australia increases and many of its people live longer, the need for healthcare workers is high. According to the Parliament of Australia, the country will need at least 100,000 nurses by 2025.

Unfortunately, many nations are also seeing the same or higher level of demand. The number of graduates may not be enough, while many existing professionals are already close to retirement age. This leaves the younger workforce to render even double shifts.

All these warrant healthcare facilities to start to browse around these guys and improve employee morale and engagement with customised scrubs.

Uniforms Can Enhance Satisfaction and Lower Stress 

Many studies already show how wearing uniforms can help increase feelings of satisfaction. For one, they can serve as a source of pride and belongingness. The right design will also help them feel more comfortable, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Wearing uniforms can also reduce stress. The appropriate fit, for example, can ensure healthcare workers can perform their job with a wide range of motion. They may even help protect them while on duty.

It also saves them time in choosing what to wear. Studies showed that, on average, a person takes about 16 minutes before they can decide on the clothing. In a week, therefore, more than an hour goes into it!

Definitely, healthcare facilities should go beyond giving customised uniforms to their staff, but to browse around these guys, such as Mediscrubs, is already a simple but effective step.

Now, more than ever, these hospitals and clinics should help preserve one of the country’s backbones: healthcare workers.