How to stay safe during a catastrophic flood

During a flood, it’s crucial to know that there’s a nearby 7-day Moorooka medical centre.

Catastrophic events like floods can also lead to bacterial infections.

Just recently, a Townsville woman died from Melioidosis, a disease caused by a bacterium found in water and soil. Her death is just one of the ten Melioidosis cases confirmed.

moorooka medical centre

With the ongoing health risks, an accessible Moorooka medical centre has never been this crucial.

The good thing is if you live in Brisbane suburbs, you can turn to a 7-day Moorooka medical centre such as the Smart Clinics Annerley.

Tips to stay safe and healthy during a flood

It’s crucial to stay vigilant during a flood; therefore, follow these tips.

1. Always tune in for updates.

Listen to your local radio. If you have smartphone data, follow your local area’s social media page. Set their posts to “See First”, so you can see their updates in your newsfeed first at all times.

Know about the nearest emergency or 7 day doctors you can easily approach.

2. Deal with your utilities and furniture ASAP.

Turn off your main power switches as soon as possible. Make sure to close your gas valve.

Bring your outdoor furniture inside the house. Secure the lawn chairs, tables, or garden supplies inside. Tie them to safety.

3. Invest in a couple of good power banks.

In this time of distress, you will not get reliable electricity. Therefore, you have to invest in extra sources of power.

You need a good power bank so you can charge your smartphone. This way, you can easily call the emergency number in your area if you need help.

4. Get your vaccinations earlier.

Have you had your flu shot? After the flood occurs, you may get in contact with other people who probably didn’t get vaccinated.

Get immunised by a doctor Moorooka has these days before it’s too late.

5. Prepare your supplies.

Pack medications, dressings for wounds, rubbing alcohol, and so on. Include a flashlight, a whistle, a rope, and a knife.

You also need to pack high-energy snacks, so you will not lose your strength easily.

For the water supply, reserve a gallon for each day. This should get you hydrated already.

6. Wear long, safety boots.

Let the children and the elderly wear high and durable rubber boots. Remember, they can easily catch bacterial infections if they have open wounds.

Make sure there are no holes on the boots, so their feet can stay dry during the flood.

7. Do not waste time.

You have to avoid moving waters at all times. It does not matter if you know how to swim.

You will never know how strong the current is going to be. Therefore, move out quickly.

Final thoughts

In a stressful event like a flood, you need to know there’s a reliable medical centre near you.

Fortunately, if you live in Moorooka, you can turn to the nearest Smart Clinics.

You don’t need to commute to Brisbane’s central district for check-up or medications.

Smart Clinics Annerley, especially, is a 7 day medical centre.

Visit their Annerley branch or drop by their site.